Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Which foods should I avoid during pregnancy?

Balanced, comprehensive nutrition helps to fetal growth and development, but there are also some food products on the health of the fetus may have adverse effects. Mother to her unborn baby's safety and health, in some food choices, we should make sacrifices, being discarded. The following ratio of 7 categories of food to the fetus, pregnant women should not eat:
    1. Fried food and spicy seasoning. Fried foods contain more aluminum and aromatic compound containing benzene ring will not only accelerate the aging of the impact of fetal development, and can induce cancer, deformities, so expectant mothers should not eat. Fried fritters contain a certain amount of added aluminum alum, aluminum can through the placenta into the fetal brain, causing the baby brain development disorder. And pepper, star anise, cinnamon, allspice, pepper and other food can cause constipation, pregnant women.
    2. Alcoholic beverages, and caffeinated coffee, Coca-Cola, tea and other beverages. Too much to drink during pregnancy the mother, the baby is likely to happen, "fetal alcohol syndrome", after the birth of a central nervous system dysfunction, facial and body that the problem of deformities, such as cardiac structural defects, hands, feet, means other models. After birth than normal children of low intelligence. Excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages can cause spontaneous abortion, low birth weight. Arrhythmia and so on. The tea contains a high concentration of tannic acid and food easily in the intestine of iron, calcium combined with precipitation, affect the intestine at the end of the absorption of iron and calcium, and iron deficiency anemia can be induced hypocalcemia, affecting fetal growth and development, so Pregnant women should not drink tea.
    3. Contain preservatives, coloring a variety of canned food. Preservatives, artificial colors and other food additives, chemical composition mainly normal low intakes are safe for the physiological stage of pregnancy is a sensitive, or to exempt free good.
    4. Raw fish, raw meat, raw eggs and undercooked meat. Undercooked meat, eggs and food with a large number of pathogens, bacteria after eating can cause food poisoning; immature meat ingestion may also cause toxoplasmosis.
    5. Smoky products. Such as sausage, bacon, smoked fish, bacon and so on. These foods contain nitrosamines, if excessive can cause fetal malformations.
    6. Suspicious food. If not fresh meat, fish, shellfish, sprouting potatoes, moldy peanuts, wild mushrooms can not be confirmed, and the tainted fruits and vegetables.
    7. High sugar content of food (or the heat is too high fattening foods) and salty, too spicy food. Such as butter, fatty meat, candy, cakes, chocolate and so on. Because these foods contain more calories, eating too much will lead to sharp increase in maternal body weight, fat accumulation, reduced organizational flexibility, delivery could easily lead to prolonged labor or bleeding, pregnant women, I also susceptible to gestosis by obesity, diabetes, kidney go far diseases, salty foods can trigger Shuinazhuliu, the formation of lower extremity edema, and spicy food the one hand with the irritating, negative to the fetus, on the other hand easy to induce or aggravate constipation and hemorrhoids mothers.

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